Sunday, March 25, 2012

Avocado End Table

This end table has an amusing beginning. See what I did there? End... beginning? ;)

I've been looking to locate a third, unique style of end table for our living room. It had to be sturdy, it had to have at least one drawer, and it couldn't be too wide or too deep due to spacial limitations.

For some reason this cute little $25 table was shoved in at the front of the Habitat store among the kitchen cabinets rather than on the other side of the store with all of the other end tables and night stands. For that reason, I didn't even see it until I was leaving with my initial purchase. So I turned around and went right back to the counter with table in tow.

Then, while loading it into my car, I got quite the surprise. There are certain risks associated with thrift store purchases. In this case, the risk consisted of a family of spiders living in the underside of the table. FORTUNATELY I had a few small sample blocks of granite counter top in my backseat (from my last trip to The Scrap Exchange). This resulted in a swift execution of my arachnid squatters.

So the first thing to do was get a good coat of primer on the entire piece. Of course, I was SO excited that I forgot to take a picture before I started. So instead, here's a shot before the primer coat was complete.

Primer complete!

I decided to paint this piece with the Retro Avocado sample from my accent table project. Unfortunately I ended up needing a bit more paint than I had left, so a third coat will have to come later. You can see how I cheated and only put the initial coat on the inside of the shelves.

Here it is, nestled next to our couch. MJ isn't too fond of the color choice. Since we'll shortly be painting the lower brown color a much, MUCH darker and richer brown I thought this bright green would help break up the brown tones of the wall/couch/floor.

We shall see...

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