Saturday, March 24, 2012

Avocado Accent Table

Okay, so here's the first entry in the Awesomesauce Acquisitions blog of shame (and pride)!

This old wood table was picked up at the Habitat for Humanity store for $10. It was missing one of the carved wood detail on the side, and the top was cracked due to someone putting it on WAY wrong. Other than that, the table was completely solid and free of wobbles.

Most people see a defective table. I see a great spot to put my cup of tea while I knit in my craft room in the attic!

I reinforced the top as much as possible using 2" screws, which wasn't much of an improvement but at least made it as level as possible. Then I laid down 3 coats of "Retro Avocado" by Behr (the sample size is under $3 at Home Depot).

This picture was taken before I flipped the table over to do the feet and underside, but you get the idea.

This little table now lives happily in my attic. It's even made a few appearances at Lord Ozwald's Curious Goods!

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